Providing Useful Information with Beautiful Pictures – Yukinobu Tano

Yukinobu Tano, a Japanese journalist and an editor-in-chief at BLOGOS which is one of biggest online news media in Japan, has run his own personal blog for three years. He has gotten more than 400,000 PV every month. As of May 2016, he has over 422,600 PV and 3,963 twitter followers.

He started his career as a radio director, working for Nippon Broadcasting System, one of the biggest radio company in Japan from 2000 to 2008. In 2008, he changed his job to Nico-nico live, where he worked as a director for live broadcasting. After two years, he changed his job again and started working at Livedoor Co.,Ltd. It is at that moment when he began his current job at BLOGOS. In 2013, he changed his position to the journalist at LINE NEWS until finally achieving the goal of editor-in-chief at BLOGOS on Oct. 1st, 2016.

The name of his blog title is Tanocchi-no-blog. (

He mainly introduces the best foods in Japan but focuses mostly in Tokyo. Among his other interests include reporting on travels using low-cost carrier airlines, especially Jetstar Airways, and Japanese social problems such as overworking and radio industries. Most of his reports are based on his real experiences. He works weekdays and travels on the weekend. He often conduct day-trips using low-cost carrier airlines.

“I was surprised at the price of the flight tickets. We usually need more ¥10,000 using Shinkansen, but LCC allows us to go somewhere from ¥5,000,” Mr. Tano said.

The reason why he writes a blog is that he wants blog audiences to have a better life. It is from his real travel experiences. When we travel to a place for the first time, we are most likely confused about many things such as how to go to the airport terminals and where is the good places to eat before boarding.

Also, we want to get this information before we travel. He communicates these things with beautiful pictures taken by him to the blog audiences. He wants people to prevent failures when they travel or work.

“Great pictures and blog post titles are very important issues to expand the blog and build brands of my blog,” Mr. Tano said.

Many people decide to read the article based on the title. If the title is not clear, people may not be interested and not read it. As a result, the blog audiences may decrease. Therefore, he said he studied about the search engine optimization (SEO).

Thanks to it, when we googled “ジェットスター,” meaning Jetstar Airways, in Japanese, his blog will appear on the third.


He also emphasizes about pictures on the blog post and tweets. “I often change pictures between featured image of the blog and its tweet. For example, when I wrote a blog about the great steak restaurant in Tokyo. The featured image would be the overview of the steak. But I will use another picture such as a cross-sectional view of the steak. Why do I use it? It is because we can see juicy steak from its view. It lets people click Retweet and favorite button. I always think what makes people happy.”

Mr. Tano’s next step for the blog is going to make short videos on Vine, a short video sharing service. “Videos should be popular in the next internet era. I think It can be interactive with blog audiences. For example, Tasty, the cooking video channel is really nice. I try to make and use videos when I introduce great foods and tips for travel.”

His first career was a radio director, but I do not think he tries to do a podcast and other audio services using his experiences in the radio industry. Mr. Tano said, “I think just only audio is not suitable for people who use the internet. Audio takes the time to understand the content.” That’s why he tries to write blogs with pictures and short videos.


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