Enjoy the life as a Ph.D. student and Look for the great future – Catherine Dumas, a Ph.D. student at University at Albany


Catherine Dumas, a Ph.D. student majoring Informatics will receive the Ph.D. degree from University at Albany, State University of New York. She researched in her field of informatics, E-Petitioner system and data using data mining analysis and social network analysis and taught several courses there. She attended the College of Saint Rose for the bachelor of arts in English, and she started studying informatics at University at Albany for her master’s degree.


She originally thought to be an academic librarian. “At for first few program, it was an information environment,” she said. She got really interested in all of the research can be done in that program. She changed her mind from the academic librarian to the researcher. Then she finds a Ph.D. program at University at Albany, and she decided to pursue the degree.


She really enjoys being in the informatics community at University at Albany. People, like my fellow Ph.D. students, the community it’s really enjoyable. We all have same struggles and challenges. “I can have all support system here,” she said.


Another enjoyable thing for her is the conference to present her research. Ms. Dumas said, “I went to China and that was amazing. I can get to know people in my field all over the world. It is really cool. It makes her possible in terms of making connections, seeing them another conference, researching with them or collaborate other projects.”


Ms. Dumas is still choosing her career after she received the degree. She thinks that academia and industry both have a great opportunity for her. “Academia would be more freedom because basically I gonna doing I research. And I enjoy teaching. In Industry, everything moves and happens quickly. That’s exciting and cool.” She is looking for jobs from both sides. She will apply for jobs after January.


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